Weekly Build -- ISSUE #1

So, as promised, here is the first of the new regular builds for TRJS. I will be aiming to get a build out each Friday or Saturday if I was able to gather enough feedback and make substantial improvements to the game in the previous week. Here's the first changelog, and the new builds are live in the downloads section.

WEEKLY BUILD, ISSUE #1 - Week of 29th May 2017, Release date: 2nd June 2017

- Mac OSX and Linux builds now available, these are considered to be still experimental, but do not differ in any way from the main Windows build.

- You no longer automatically pick up weapon pickups. In order to pick them up, you must press DOWN when you are nearby them. All other pickups are unaffected, and will still automatically be picked up when you walk over them. This leaves it up to you as to whether you want to switch weapons, but there are special abilities you can buy that provide bonuses for picking random weapon powerups.

- Re-mixed some of the music a bit so that the connections between tracks are a bit more seamless.

- Pacing improvements on all scenes by reducing the number of waves that occur during each battle segment. Waves are very slightly harder to compensate.

- Numerous graphical glitches fixed, and tweaks made based on feedback from the last couple of weeks. Platforms have been made more noticable and a lot of clutter has been cleared up to make parts of levels more readable.

- Improved the drop chance, and hopefully also the drop consistency, of all powerups. Energy pickups (both the orbs you find between battle segments and the energy you get from killing enemies) now give you double the amount of energy as before. These pickups also move a lot faster and are a lot smaller, meaning they should be less distracting during play.

- Added a new announcements screen on the main menu that can relay messages to players.

- Added an indicator that highlights your player if you are in a hectic situation such as being surrounded by several enemies, which should allow you to keep track of your player more easily as you make your escape. This is on by default, but can be toggled on and off in the accessibility options menu under the "proximity marker" option. The marker takes the form of a snazzy purple triangle. Further visibility improvements to come.


tiny-WINDOWS_BUILD.zip 151 MB
Jun 02, 2017
manual.pdf 10 MB
Jun 02, 2017
tiny-MAC_OSX_BUILD.zip 136 MB
Jun 02, 2017
tiny-LINUX_BUILD.zip 125 MB
Jun 02, 2017

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